Class of ’06





We spent an extremely cold weekend in Amsterdam, riding through the city on our rented bikes, exploring what I would say is the most strangely beautiful city I’ve ever been to. We stayed in a small cottage with wooden walls, a bit outside of the city. It was the guest house of Marga and Ricos houseboat, the most charming and amazing home I’ve ever seen.

It was a weekend of wandering, photographing and listening to stories from the locals. We explored the botanical gardens, the narrow streets by the canals and was served tea by Nils; the owner of the smallest house of Amsterdam. We spent an evening walking the red light district and felt especially cultural when we went to the museum of prostitution. In the evening we lit the fireplace, drank cheap wine and listened to dutch radio.


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If I ask you what yesterday felt like, would you be able to answer? Would you remember what it smelled like, what it sounded like and what it looked like?

We had a run around pretending the nights were still warm, feeling like we were in a movie scene. Imagining the soundtracks to fit the evening as we drove all over town, feeling nostalgic and childish as if we were back in the 90s. Stumbling upon places we’ve never explored, despite the years and years walking those streets. I felt happy. I felt invincible. And I looked at her, sitting beside me. Seeing her smile again. Having that short moment of happiness in the midst of it all, made me realize I matter.




_43a4157Jeg føler veldig usikkerhet rundt meg selv som fotograf om dagen. Eller egentlig har jeg hatt den følelsen veldig lenge. Jeg tror jeg trenger å finne tilbake til det som fikk meg til å starte med fotografi. For akkurat nå føles alt veldig upersonlig.




I was so exited to finally go to Berlin, and as I imagined it was an amazing city. I’ve been traveling through Germany by car before, and I really have a deep connection to this country for some reason. Sometimes you travel to a place and you know straight away that you will love it. There’s just something about the energy and the vibe of the place that kinda makes you want to stay forever.

Berlin was vibrant; it is such a cool and laidback city. We spent our time there at a locals apartment, trying to solve the language barrier by using google translate. The summer nights where warm and spent on concerts, outdoor cinema and we went to this closed down airport and watched the sun set whilst eating pizza and drinking german beer. And I felt so lucky to be there in that moment with my friends, it’s magical moments like that which reminds you to be grateful and happy to be alive.



F1000012 copychina4china3china2Foshan, China 2016

China is the strangest place I’ve ever been.

The people are amazingly sweet and kind but such weirdos. I sat next to a woman waiting for the train who gave me stamps out of the blue, then showed me pictures of herself. An incredibly sweet girl gave me fish on a can, because Norwegians eat a lot of fish. They tape their eyelids open to make their eyes look bigger. They have an app to make your face look paler and thinner. And they shot beer. The cities are grey, even worse than my hometown, but still incredibly fascinating. I’ve never felt more like an alien because of how I look (they literally give you a note letting you know you are an alien when you enter the country), and they stare and they take secret photos and stare some more even if you look straight back at them. The food is awful, and they fight for their lives when they enter the metro, but I really want to go back this wonderfully strange country.



she would never let them know. the leftovers of what used to be, childish and innocent, never to be restored. assault distant from reality, leaving marks. forgotten, yet obstructing every sound close to her. she lies in a puddle of ink, spilled all over white sheets, letting her know nothing but darkness. people lose faith, and she is the first to understand.