When a song slaps you in the face because it’s so amazingly written. Stirring up emotions deep down in the core of your stomach, making you cry just thinking about it. When it feels like a drug and you have to listen to it over and over again. Captivating every cell in your body, making you leave the real world behind for just a little while, allowing you to explore an entirely different world of your own.




If I ask you what yesterday felt like, would you be able to answer? Would you remember what it smelled like, what it sounded like and what it looked like?

We had a run around pretending the nights were still warm, feeling like we were in a movie scene. Imagining the soundtracks to fit the evening as we drove all over town, feeling nostalgic and childish as if we were back in the 90s. Stumbling upon places we’ve never explored, despite the years and years walking those streets. I felt happy. I felt invincible. And I looked at her, sitting beside me. Seeing her smile again. Having that short moment of happiness in the midst of it all, made me realize I matter.





she would never let them know. the leftovers of what used to be, childish and innocent, never to be restored. assault distant from reality, leaving marks. forgotten, yet obstructing every sound close to her. she lies in a puddle of ink, spilled all over white sheets, letting her know nothing but darkness. people lose faith, and she is the first to understand.



The way you walk slowly through my mind, destructively indecisive like intellectual domestic violence. Harassing the attention, once happily dancing like a child in a meadow. Like the child you once were. The weight on my shoulders enhanced by thousands and the gap increasing, creating loss of every little memory worth remembering.