F1000012 copychina4china3china2Foshan, China 2016

China is the strangest place I’ve ever been.

The people are amazingly sweet and kind but such weirdos. I sat next to a woman waiting for the train who gave me stamps out of the blue, then showed me pictures of herself. An incredibly sweet girl gave me fish on a can, because Norwegians eat a lot of fish. They tape their eyelids open to make their eyes look bigger. They have an app to make your face look paler and thinner. And they shot beer. The cities are grey, even worse than my hometown, but still incredibly fascinating. I’ve never felt more like an alien because of how I look (they literally give you a note letting you know you are an alien when you enter the country), and they stare and they take secret photos and stare some more even if you look straight back at them. The food is awful, and they fight for their lives when they enter the metro, but I really want to go back this wonderfully strange country.