It’s a strange rollercoaster of emotions, traveling alone. One minute I feel invincible and I don’t feel anything but happiness bursting from every cell of my body. Yet seconds later I feel so lonely it hurts. 

The storm hits so sudden, within seconds the weather has gone from bright beautiful sunlight to a full blown storm. I’ve never seen weather shift so quickly; the gust of wind making the leaves swirl in circles like the plastic bag in american beauty and the sky burst open and it starts pouring down. I watch people desperately gather their belongings and run to find shelter. My first instinct is to do the same, but I decide to embrace this magical moment and stay exactly where I am. It only lasts for minutes and results in the most beautiful mixture of sunlight across the ocean while the sky is pitch black. And I think this strangely describes the way I feel about this trip.


2 thoughts on “THAILAND

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