When a song slaps you in the face because it’s so amazingly written. Stirring up emotions deep down in the core of your stomach, making you cry just thinking about it. When it feels like a drug and you have to listen to it over and over again. Captivating every cell in your body, making you leave the real world behind for just a little while, allowing you to explore an entirely different world of your own.




Oh, how I miss spending my days wandering the streets in my floral dress, bare footed, eating ice cream. How summer makes my soul spontaneous and fills my heart with joy and burst from happiness. How everything seem simple. How everything seem better.



It’s a strange rollercoaster of emotions, traveling alone. One minute I feel invincible and I don’t feel anything but happiness bursting from every cell of my body. Yet seconds later I feel so lonely it hurts. 

The storm hits so sudden, within seconds the weather has gone from bright beautiful sunlight to a full blown storm. I’ve never seen weather shift so quickly; the gust of wind making the leaves swirl in circles like the plastic bag in american beauty and the sky burst open and it starts pouring down. I watch people desperately gather their belongings and run to find shelter. My first instinct is to do the same, but I decide to embrace this magical moment and stay exactly where I am. It only lasts for minutes and results in the most beautiful mixture of sunlight across the ocean while the sky is pitch black. And I think this strangely describes the way I feel about this trip.


I met Marijn when I stayed at his parents house in Amsterdam. When he sat down to have breakfast with us, I instantly knew I had to ask him if I could photograph him. Sometimes you meet people who just captivate you, not always necessarily by looks but by quirks and personality. Marijn had this innocent sweetness about him and I was so happy he agreed to let me take his picture.